5 Great Online Business Ideas for Making Money Online

5 Great Online Business Ideas for Making Money Online (1)



If you want to make money online, you’re lucky anyone can own an online business these days. We’ll share our list of 21 great online business ideas with you in this article.


Before You Begin

Online Business Ideas

  1. Blog Writing and Making Money
  2. Establishing an E-commerce Site

3.Out of Stock Sales Site

  1. Affiliate Marketing

5.Be a Freelance Content Writer

6.Application Development

7.Start Podcast

  1. Graphic Design

9.Twitch Streams

  1. Cryptocurrency Mining / Trading
  2. YouTube Streaming
  3. Web Development
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Trainer
  6. Translations
  7. SEO Consulting
  8. Private Lessons

18 Online Fitness Classes

  1. Domain Name Selling
  2. Stock Exchange

Before You Begin

With more than 4 billion active Internet users, the Internet offers huge opportunities to make money online. But remember that the Internet is a highly contested industry, so you need to work hard to be successful.


That’s why it’s important to choose a niche .


Let’s say you love to travel and eat delicious food, so you can create a food review blog. However, you can choose your niche as street food from the places you visit.


Or you can start with what people need. However, you need to do a lot of research for this. After doing research, you can establish an online business that fills the gap in the market .


Next, there are the things you need for your online business:


Web hosting . Any idea that requires a website also requires web hosting. We recommend Hostinger , which offers web hosting services at the best prices .

A domain name . Choose the domain name that best describes your business . This is an important business decision you will make after choosing a niche .

Time . Some ideas take more time than others. Determine how much time you need to make a profit.

Online Business Ideas

Now we can jump to our list of 21 great online business ideas to make money online!


  1. Blog Writing and Making Money

There are many reasons people blog. Some people want to connect with like-minded people, share information with others, and make money.


How does he make money with a blog? First,  if you don’t have a blog, create one with these easy steps:


Get web hosting

Register a domain name

Choose the platform

Start writing blog posts

For more information, you can read our article .


Next up  is making money from your blog. Here are some ways to monetize your blog:


Google Adsense . You can find out from Jack Herrick (Wiki How), who earns $ 2 million a month from Ad-sense .

Selling eBooks . If you want to be like Carol Tice , who earns $ 45,000 a  month by selling eBooks , you can do this on your blog.

Paid reviews . To write a great review and earn money, you must have great writing skills. Fame bit successfully demonstrates how to do this.

Partners . Pat Flynn said that making money takes time. But affiliate marketing is great for making money online.

  1. Establishing an E-commerce Site

E-commerce is to buy products and services on the internet. Amazon and eBay are among the most famous names in this industry.


Setting up an e- commerce site is one of the best online business ideas on our list. The chances of making money in this industry are quite high.


Etsy is another example of this. It is a site that sells handmade items such as jewelry and toys.


A successful e-commerce site Etsy


To create an e-commerce site just like a blog, you will need these:


Web hosting

A domain name

Content (products) for your store

3.Out of Stock Sales Site

Have great sales skills but don’t have a place to store your products? You can try stock less sales.


You can make a profit by selling other people’s products with drop shipping.


When a customer places an order, you get the fee and you buy the products from the supplier. The supplier then conveys the products to the customers.


Profit is what you get when you subtract the amount you give to the supplier from the amount paid by the customers. There are also no additional costs because you don’t have to take care of the products.


Drop shipping is one of the best online sales ideas to try because:


A small upfront investment

Less risk

Low costs

If you are going into the drop shipping business, you need a website where you can show the products you buy from suppliers . After setting up your website, you are ready to take orders.


Oberlo is great for stock sellers


Oberlo is an indicator that dropshipping is a good source of income. It has sold over 85 million products all over the world. Are you interested?


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is advertising other people’s products.


If people buy products thanks to your recommendation, you will get a commission. There are many popular places for affiliate marketing. Even simple products such as web hosting, online services, healthcare products, and even the best beds can be used as niche.


You need to join an affiliate program and get a dedicated link. Then you can use the link on your website and social media posts to attract certain products.


Things you can use on your website for affiliate marketing:


Displaying advertisements / banners on your web pages

Writing a review of a product with links.

If this idea suits you, you can find more information in this guide .


5.Be a Freelance Content Writer

Your writing skills can enable you to be successful in your online business.


There are many websites that will pay you for this. One of them is Cracked . This humor site needs creative writers to fill its pages. You can earn $ 250  per article at the same time while improving your writing skills .


Cracked.com Offers Opportunities for Freelance Writers








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