How do you define technology?

How do you define technology
How do you define technology
How do you define technology


Technology Communicator


You are unlikely to hear the terms technology communication and technology communicator from anyone else before, as they weren’t the terms I was talking about until July 2018.

I have yet to come across a publication containing the term “technology communication” in English, which is the language of technology.

When I search it on Google, it detects it in reverse and lists the contents of “communication technology”. However, we will see it all together in the near future, and this will be among the important needs of every society. I’m using this as a title on LinkedIn as of October 2018.


I wanted to write this article in response to questions such as what a technology communicator does, how does it benefit.


In the 21st century, but especially in the last 10 years, the changes created by technologies in our business and social lives are difficult to follow and adapt to. Change is not unique to this epoch, it has always existed in our world, but before that, the Moore curve represented scientific and technological progress.

It was rising so slowly that perhaps 200 years would have passed before the world we live in looked and felt different to us. For example; If you were living in the 12th century, basically your life wouldn’t be that different from the 11th century.

However, today, it takes an average of 6 years for a new technology that has a completely transformative effect on our lives and the work we do.

Considering the fact that technology is growing exponentially, this time will gradually shorten in the future. The main question to be asked here is: What will happen when the change in technology exceeds our ability to understand it?


Let me answer: While the technology we have has the potential to do more, we will settle for less. Because there is no way to integrate a technology we do not understand into our lives or what we do.


Let’s Make Them “Understandable” to Realize New Technologies


Effective and widespread use of new technologies is only possible by increasing the adaptation power of people from all walks of life to technology.

Whether you are a senior manager in a corporate company or a worker; Whether you’re a government employee or a communicator and marketer like me…

Technology has now become a very important part of what we all do. But these technologies are not easy to understand. Technology and communication disciplines need to join forces so that new technologies can be made understandable, especially by people who are not familiar with technical terms.

Happily bringing these two disciplines together in Turkey “Communication Technology” I was the first person to articulate the concept and I found a lot of support for it. So much so that in the spring semester of 2019, I am opening the “Technology Communication” course at Kadir Has University, breaking new ground in the world.

It is a separate pride for me to train the country’s first technology communicators in this new field.


In my YouTube channel, which will be activated soon, I will sometimes publish broadcasts on new technologies, correct expression of these technologies, and technology communication with my guests.


To summarize, I see that “technology communication” studies to be carried out for better transfer of technology should be evaluated under five important headings:


The activities that companies that produce or market technology will carry out in order to transfer this to their corporate and individual customers effectively.

Activities to be carried out by institutions using technology to transfer them to their employees effectively.

Activities to be carried out for the harmonization of teams and thus increasing efficiency in projects where employees in technical positions such as IT, data scientists ‚(data scientists), and employees with limited technical knowledge (HR, marketing, sales, corporate communication) are involved together.

The activities to be carried out by entrepreneurs operating in the field of technology in order to transfer them to potential investors and potential customers.

Activities to be carried out by government agencies and non-governmental organizations that want to raise the technology literacy level of the society to a higher level.

As the famous scientist, Marie Curie said: “Nothing in life is scary, as long as it is understandable. It’s time to understand more and better to be less afraid. ”






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