top 6 ways to make money online ?

top 6 ways to make money online



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1.Application Development

App development is one of the best online business ideas to make money. Think big apps like Spotify or Instagram .


There are many ways to make money online from apps, especially mobile apps:


Premium (users can pay for more advanced features).

In-app advertisement.


In-app purchases.

You should also determine your area of ​​expertise as a developer. If you like to play games, you can create good mobile games. PUBG Online, Pokemon GO, and Clash of Clans are some of the games that make a lot of money.


2.Start Podcast

Podcasts are digital audio or video files created as a series and made available to customers online.


benefits both broadcasters and subscribers. Publishers can create podcasts to earn money online, while subscribers can listen to personalized content anywhere.


Even if you have a hard time when you start making podcasts and this phase takes a long time, you can have a podcast as big as Wondery .


Wondery is a Podcast giant


So how can a podcast be a source of income for such a creator? That’s it:



Affiliate marketing

Crowdfunding (Voluntary financial aid or collective funding).

3Graphic Design

If you are good at graphic design, you can make money online with this much-needed skill nowadays.


There are many websites that can help you connect with customers. 99designs is a good example. More than 97,000 designs have been made so far. This platform allows you to make money from the projects you choose to build.


Kate Moross design portfolio


Or you can see how Kate Moross is doing in this business. He has presented some of his best work to prove his experience and knowledge. Potential customers who like his work can reach him directly on his site.


3.Twitch Streams

If games are a big part of your life, you should try streaming twitch. It is fun and you have a chance to earn money. Great online business idea, right?


Twitch is a platform where players broadcast during the game.


Streaming Platform for Gamers Twitch


Other than playing games on your own, you can be a publisher and let millions watch you play. If you are good enough, you can become a professional player.


For example, Jeremy Wang makes quite a lot of money from his twitch streams. He has over 800,000 followers on Twitch and has a monthly income of $ 20,000 . Moreover, it also makes money from sponsorships and brand deals.

4 Cryptocurrency Mining / Trading

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography, which is security.


You need a special computer to make money from mining cryptocurrency, which is on our list of online business ideas.


Bitcoin mining uses items called blocks. Each block is locked with some kind of math problems to secure transactions. If you solve them first, the reward will be yours.


One Bitcoin’s value is about $ 3,500 . So you get exactly $ 42,000  as a reward .


But before you use this online business, there are some things to consider:


Hardware . A system with a good processor & graphics card in an aluminum case, power supply and cooling system will cost almost  10,000 TL  .

Electricity . Your computer will use about 20 kWh of electricity for your daily needs. Calculate how much you will pay for your electricity bill based on this.

Maintenance . If your mining computer malfunctions, there may be extra costs to repair it.

Time . You have to calculate the money you will spend on mining and the money you will earn as return.

5 YouTube Streaming

Broadcasting on YouTube is a great online business idea for creative people.


You may be the next  PewDiePie , but your own unique content is always better.


Ryan ToysReview  would be a good example to inspire you. This channel is currently the highest-earning channel per year, with $ 22  million  a year reviewing toys on YouTube .


is the highest paid YouTube channel


Have an idea? Get started now! Set up your channel and get as many subscribers as you can.


After that, start making money from your videos. The essentials to start making money are 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

6 Web Development

A web developer can work from home and earn as high as $ 10,000  per  month  . Sounds pretty attractive, right?


If you are in your web development area of ​​expertise, you can make money by doing projects for online customers. There are platforms such as Upwork and Guru that offer such opportunities for web developers .


Guru offers Freelance jobs for web developers


Or you can highlight your skills on your portfolio website so that potential customers can offer you projects.


Whether you work as a freelancer or a full-time developer, making money from web development is highly promising.











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